What is govillemo?

Our alerts are short messages that can be adapted to your interests. They can be emailed or texted to you and viewed at all times on the Web. Practical, reliable and instantaneous, govillemo alerts make information about

Does the service cover only the territory of Town of Mount Royal?

Yes. govillemo has been developed expressly to notify residents, merchants and other users of Town of Mount Royal services.

Can I change my account settings?

Yes. You can change your account settings at any time, be it to add or discontinue alerts, update your contact information or unsubscribe from the service.

Who sends the messages?

The Public Affairs Division is responsible for managing the govillemo service. Only designated individuals are authorized to send the alerts.

Will you send advertisements or solicitations through GOVILLEMO?

No advertisements or solicitations will be sent through govillemo. Only activities organized by or in partnership with the Town will be announced using the service.

What subjects will you send messages about?

The messages you receive are based on the settings you choose. They can be about the cancellation of a course, road work to be done in your district, an emergency situation, an invitation to take part in an activity and so on. govi

How many messages will I receive?

It is impossible to predict how many messages will be sent. That said, we make every effort to ensure that all messages are relevant. You will receive only alerts about  situations that could affect your schedule or quality of life or about activi

Are you experiencing problems when using the site with your telephone and/or tablet?

Check that your phone or tablet’s operating system is up-to-date.

*The Windows Phone and BlackBerry operating systems are not currently supported.